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Utopia Planitia

Unité d'Habitation

The Crux of Dwelling

A Utopian Monument

The Radiant City

The Zone of Alienation #1

The Zone of Alienation #2

You don’t need a weatherman
to know which way the wind

If humans were gone at least a
third of all birds on Earth might not even notice

Terrorism, samhällsfara,
attentat, mord! (Amalthea)

Unrealized Ruins

The Crux of Dwelling, 2012
Digital print framed in custom made rusted steel frame, 27 x 22,5 cm. (Excerpt from a series of 9)

The foto series shows a tour through Europe's biggest urban renewal project, Alta de Lisboa, in Portugal.
The images displays the city part as a grandiose utopian construction project juxtaposed with continous decay and vandalisme, as well as issues concerning the integration of social housing with upper class appartments.